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How to Create a Bundle From an Existing Product on TpT

As sellers, we constantly need to review our products to see if adjustments can be made to increase our store’s success. If you have a large product for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers that contains several smaller products, you may want to consider listing those smaller products as individual items. The main thing that kept me from doing this was the fear that I’d lose my reviews on the larger product that I wanted to make into a bundle. Guess what? There’s a quick, easy way to create the bundle AND keep your reviews!

First, you will need to make sure you create and post all the listings of the smaller products that you want to include in your bundle. Let’s say you have a product that contains questions to five different psychology Ted Talks. You realize that there might be buyers out there that don’t want five but rather just one specific set of questions. Create five separate listings for each question set and price them so that if someone were to buy all five separately, it would cost 10-20% more than if they bought your discounted bundle. Then, go to your original listing that you want to turn into a bundle (with those great reviews that will carry over) and edit it so that the word “bundle” appears in the product’s title. On your Product Listing page, you’ll see a Needs Attention notice on the left side to upgrade certain resources. After you’ve changed the listing title to include the word “bundle,” TpT will pick it up automatically as a potential product to upgrade. Click the box next to “Upgrade to TpT Bundle” and you will then be able to select which individual products you want to bundle.

Upgrade to TpT Bundle

After you’ve added the products, edit your title, description and thumbnails as you see fit. Select your discount percent for the bundle and submit your listing. Now you have a bundle that keeps its reviews and looks more attractive to buyers because of the discount!

When I finally decided to try this, I was pleasantly surprised that I sold an individual product the very same day I created it. Some buyers are looking for smaller pieces, so it can’t hurt to have this option in your store if you have larger products that contain smaller, stand-alone pieces. As a general rule, more options will attract more buyers!

If you’re just getting your own TpT store off the ground and you’re looking for ways to grow your sales, check out this post for some tips and a free checklist!


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