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Online Videos for High School Philosophy

Here are some of my favorite Ted Talks and YouTube videos that I use in my IB Philosophy classes.

This video very nicely discusses the trolley problem within the context of self-driving cars. Also check out the website he mentions that gives users a series of scenarios in which they must decide which group of people a car should hit. It’s designed to gather data on how people think about this problem of cars making decisions that could cause harm. It’s a great tool to foster discussion in the philosophy classroom.

If you’re teaching de Beauvoir, this is a great, quick introduction to her philosophy and writings.

Crash Course Philosophy offers so much information in little chunks. These videos make great refreshers if you’re going to cover a topic in philosophy that you haven’t touched in a while. They make great homework assignments, too. Here are some free questions to go with the episode above!

The School of Life videos on YouTube offer some great introductions to the philosophers you need to cover in a high school philosophy course.


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