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Free Resources for AP Human Geography Teachers

Since being assigned a section of APHG (or AP HuG depending on where you are), I’ve grown to really enjoy teaching this subject. However, I was nervous to begin teaching human geography because my background is in history and English- not geography. Here are some great (and free!) online resources for new AP Human Geography teachers!

1. The AP Human Geography Teachers Facebook Group

Every AP course has some kind of Facebook group where teachers can ask questions and share ideas. Find the AP Human Geography group here. If you’re a user of Facebook, then you should absolutely join.

2. AP Central’s CED

Go ahead and bookmark or save the Course and Exam Description from AP Central so you can reference it as you are moving through the course with your students. The key to preparing students for the exam lies in making sure you are on track with the ideas presented in the CED (Course and Exam Description).

3. Advanced Placement’s YouTube Channel

There are live review sessions that are now available on YouTube from the Advanced Placement official channel. There’s tons of videos on YouTube for APHG, but getting review information from the creators of the exam is a really good bet if you’re going to clock in minutes on YouTube. Check out Review Session 1 below. These are great to post online for your students to use as review material, especially as you get to “crunch time” in the spring.

4. Crash Course Geography

The Crash Course YouTube channel started a geography series which I didn’t pay attention to at first because the episodes covered things that seemed more applicable to basic geography usually taught in lower grades. But, beginning at episode 28, the series turns to human geography and seems to be designed with AP Human Geography in mind. Check out episode 28 below. As of this writing, the series is still a work in progress so new human geography episodes are coming out every week or so.

The Crash Course videos make great homework assignments or sub plans. I’ve begun creating questions for the episodes that I have for sale on my TpT store here if you’re interested.

5. Our Future in Cities Ted Talk Playlist

This Ted Talk playlist has some interesting videos that are relevant to the AP Human Geography course and students generally enjoy Ted Talks.

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