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Alternatives to Kahoot for Quizzes and Review in the Classroom

We are lucky to have so many online resources available to enhance teaching. Kahoot most certainly has its place in the classroom, but I’ve found that students get tired of it when every single teacher is using it. Also, I sometimes don’t want to place so much emphasis on speed when I’m trying to gauge what students need to work on. Here are some great alternatives to Kahoot that you can start using in your classroom.

1. Quizizz

If you’re looking for a fun platform to create multiple choice quizzes, Quizizz is worth a shot. It’s similar to Kahoot but students that are tired of Kahoot will find Quizizz to be a refreshing way to review either as a class or independently. It integrates with Google Classroom which is a big plus in my book.

2. Blooket

Blooket has been a hit with my students and I’ve even had students saying they wish their other teachers would use it, too. This is another game-style platform that’s great for reviewing what’s been taught in class. You can make your own question sets or choose existing sets from a database. Much like Kahoot, you’ll host a session and students will join on their own devices to participate. There are different game modes to choose from which helps keep this review tool from getting old. Choose from Tower Defense, Cafe, Tower of Doom, Crazy Kingdom, and Factory (a favorite) to review question sets. At first, it looked a little too juvenile for high schoolers, but it I was wrong about that. They love it.

3. Gimkit

Gimkit has students answer questions on their own devices and at their own pace. I like this feature as it lets students think about the questions and doesn’t force speedy answers. Students earn in-game cash for correct answers that can be used to buy upgrades, which makes it a very personalized game. One bonus feature is that you can import your classes so students can’t make up their own creatively inappropriate names. There are lots of options for games so this doesn’t get as repetitive as Kahoot does.

4. Baamboozle

Baamboozle allows you to create games or choose existing games and does not require that your students register for accounts. The base option is free but there is an upgraded version of Baamboozle that costs about $60 per year. These games are teacher-led and scores are kept by the teacher, so the method of delivering questions differs from the other options in this list.

5. Wizer

This is a neat app to create interactive and self-grading worksheets so it’s not a game option, but rather a way to digitize assignments and make them look really nice. You can use this tool for free but they also offer an upgraded subscription at $4.99 per month.


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