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A Lovely Korean Park near Camp Humphreys with Really Nice Bathrooms

If you find yourself living in Pyeongtaek near the Camp Humphreys army base, there is a wonderful little park that is baby and kid friendly called Naeri-munhwa Park. The area around the park contains many rental homes that geared towards Americans working or stationed at Camp Humphreys. Living near this park opens up a really nice outdoor lifestyle option that can be difficult to find in this area.

You’ll find these funny little birds at the entrance to Naeri-munhwa Park.
A nice spot to sit near the river.

The park is situated along the Anseong River and connects several miles of bike paths that follow the river. The paths are slightly hilly and often shaded. I’ve seen several bikes whizzing by on my trips to the park, but it is never crowded. Currently, the park is very peaceful with few visitors. There are some parts of the park that are still under construction, but the majority of the park is completed.

Close to the parking lot is a fantastic playground that I wish I had as kid. There’s your standard play equipment but there’s also a climbing wall and really decent zip line. The zip line works fine for adults, by the way.

The Playground
The Super Cool Climbing Wall
A Wiggly Caterpillar See-Saw

For a video of how awesome the zip line is, click here to watch me in action on YouTube. See? It works for adults, too!

There are several cute places to stop in the shade, with some overlooking the river. They make for great pictures. Right now (in June) there is a lovely breeze and it’s warm in the sun and perfect in the shade. I have not encountered any biting bugs in the park yet and I’ve been both in the morning and afternoon.

Most importantly, however, are the bathrooms. They are new. They are clean. They are spacious. I would use these bathrooms, and I have an insane fear of public restrooms in Asia. These are the nicest bathrooms, guys. And, there is a changing table for babies! This is something I struggle to find when I’m out and about with my little girl here. I usually end up just changing her in the car or getting really creative which is usually kind of gross in some way. There is also a bike rack at the restrooms.

The main restroom by the entrance and playground area.
Now that is a toilet I’d sit on.
It’s a real changing table!

The park also has a small foot path that winds through the trees and has those funny exercise stations every so often. Just follow the signs for the Forest Walkway if you enjoy doing odd exercises in the woods.

There are some park rules. Pets aren’t allowed in the playground area, and you can’t farm outside the court. I know the farming rule is disappointing, but no place is perfect. Here’s the complete list of park rules:

Please note the fines for violating these park rules:

  1. 3,000,000 won or less
  2. 100,000 won or less

I don’t know how they determine which one applies, but just go farm somewhere else, guys.


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