The Unraveled Teacher

Why Are These Things So Freaking Cute?

I love cute things. But I don’t always understand the scope and possibility of cuteness until I find myself in a store in Asia. I went to Daiso, a Japanese store, in Pyeongtaek, Korea the other night, and I couldn’t contain myself when confronted with so much ridiculously cute stuff. Did you know that AA batteries can be cute? No, no you didn’t. No one expects this, but LOOK:

Those are AA batteries with a cat holding a chocolate cake, with another cat on top of the cake who has a cherry on his head and is saying “hello.” And then you have a bear in love floating around tied to balloons. It’s absurd!

Do you need a lovely jar to drink your lovely drinks? Well, Daiso has you covered:

How about some white out for all of your mistakes? If you’re going to make mistakes, you can do it in the cutest way possible.

Pandas are automatically always cute. But labeling your stuffed, sleepy panda “panda”? Double cute!

Why does anyone eat off of plain plates when you could have this instead?

Do you need to share an iced coffee with someone you love? Why not use heart-shaped straws? Who would even notice such a tiny, cute detail?!

Ok, I bought this penguin rice cake maker thing. Um, no, I do not regularly eat shaped rice blobs, but it’s never too late to start. I hope my husband will be pleasantly surprised when 1) I start making his lunch for him and 2) he finds FREAKING CUTE penguin rice blobs in there.

Do you use zipper pouches? How about you use one that has fire-breathing dinosaurs and UFOs on it!

Alright, there has to be a limit to what can be turned into something tiny and cute, right? No one could possibly make dirty, clogged pores cute. Oh wait? What’s that? Cartoon clogged pores?

Those are literally blobs of gunk with bear ears coming out of pores. I don’t know what the bear gunk is saying because I can’t read Korean, but I’m sure it’s something damn cute.


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