The Unraveled Teacher

Running in Luna Sandals (Part 2)

Five miles on asphalt in my new Lunas. This was my second run in them, and it was better than I had anticipated. My first run in them on the beach left my feet a bit sore. I think this run went a little better because I got the strap a little more snug and I didn’t have sand grinding at my feet.

During the first mile, I noticed that I didn’t have both sandals tightened to the same degree. My left foot started sliding around first. I thought I had gotten them really tight before running, so I think I need to just go through this process several times before I have the straps adjusted correctly. I’m also wondering if they’ll just get better over time as the bottoms form to my feet a little.

So, I do have some sore spots after this run, but they are in the exact same places that I get hot spots when I run in my shoes. They came on a little sooner, but this tells me the problem I’m having is probably not the sandals- it’s got to be my form. What I don’t have is bruised spots on the top of my foot just below my big toe. My shoes fold at this spot and they jam into the top my foot.

Because it’s late July in Florida and I decided to run at 1:00pm, my feet got really sweaty and started to slip around in the sandals halfway through the run. I think this is because they aren’t adjusted correctly yet. When I ran on the beach a few days ago, my foot was sliding forwards so my toes hung off the top of the sandal. Today, my foot was sliding to the outside of the sandal.

I’m going to keep at it because I’m super jealous of my dad who has eliminated all of his foot problems and shin splints by changing his form to suit sandal running.


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