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Who’s Behind The Unraveled Teacher?

For the better part of a year, we've been quietly working. Now that hundreds of educators trust us to deliver content right to their classrooms, we think you should all get to know us a little better! Q: Who's the person behind The Unraveled Teacher? A: I'm Alessandra, and while I do the bulk of… Continue reading Who’s Behind The Unraveled Teacher?

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Financial Management for New Teachers

It's no secret that teacher salaries tend to be on the lower end, especially for new teachers in certain areas. However, this does not mean that teachers are doomed to struggle financially for the entirety of their careers. Here's some things to do to make the most of your financial situation as a new teacher.… Continue reading Financial Management for New Teachers

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The Basics of How to Read Candlestick Charts for Trading Stocks

If you're interested in trading stock, it's very important to learn to read candlestick charts. Candlesticks convey much more information than any line chart, and that information is instrumental in calculating entries and exits for your trades. Here are the basics of properly reading candlesticks. A candlestick represents four points of price information and the… Continue reading The Basics of How to Read Candlestick Charts for Trading Stocks