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How to Use UTM Codes for Traffic Tracking on TpT for Sellers

UTM codes help track where the traffic to your site is coming from. On TpT, we already get some data on traffic sources automatically. Why use the UTM code builder then? You can get much more specific data about how links are preforming. Wondering if those links in your upsell pages on your best seller are working? UTM codes will tell you!

Where Do I Find the UTM Builder?

To find the UTM tool, fist go to your dashboard. This is where you usually see the general data supplied to you about your sales. Click the “Traffic” tab next to “Dashboard.”

This will bring you to the screen as shown below. Once you’re on the Traffic tab, you’ll see a green button to the right that says “URL Builder.”

Creating a New Campaign

Now you can start making your trackable links to place wherever you are linking to your products whether it’s your blog, Instagram, cross promotion in your product listings, Pinterest, etc. The first thing you’ll need to do is select a product for which you want to create the UTM code, or trackable link.

You can do this by either entering the URL directly or you can search your product listings for the product you want to use by clicking “Select Product” on the right. You can then search your listings or scroll through to find the one you need.

Now your selected product will appear on the “Create a New Campaign” page and you can begin entering the details for your UTM code. It will ask you for the source, or location, of your link and for a Campaign Name.

In my example above, the UTM link is going into a Terms of Use (TOU) page on another related product so I wrote that in under Source. For the Campaign Name, I keep it simple and in this case, I’m just doing some cross linking so that’s all I put there. These are simply custom notes so that you know exactly where traffic is coming from so you can put whatever notes you want in there to make it clear to yourself. Once you’ve entered in this information, click the green Generate button at the bottom to get your trackable link!

Now you can create and add these unique tracking links and get some really great insight into where your product marketing efforts are paying off!


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