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How to Increase Your Blog’s Monthly Revenue with One Easy Link

Blogging is such a good way to develop multiple streams of income. You can take advantage of ad income, affiliate links, and even sell or promote your own products. Finding easy ways to add more revenue possibilities to your blog should be at the top of your list (besides creating great content for your readers)!

The referral program from Webull, a brokerage that offers its clients an advanced yet still user friendly stock trading platform, is definitely worth taking a look at. Each month they change up the referral incentives a bit, but you can easily earn $150-$300 (and sometimes a lot more) if you have a steady stream of readers on your blog. Their bonuses are paid in the form of stock which you can sell as soon as they hit your account, or you can keep them if you think they are a good investment. Right now, Webull is offering 10 free shares of stock (each valued at $3-$3000) for each person referred. At a minimum, that’s $30 of free shares. In addition the ten free shares promotion, if you reach three referrals before the end of the month, you’ll get somewhere between 1 and 10 shares of AAPL (Apple) which is trading around $160 right now. At a minimum, three successful referrals this month would give you $250, and the potential to earn more is definitely there.

Webull Referral Promotions for March

Of course, you’ll need to create a Webull account to start taking advantage of their referral program, and if you’re interested in trying it out, sign up here to get five free shares of stock just for creating your account. This is probably the best part of using Webull’s referral program- you start off by getting paid before you even do the work of putting those links into your content!

Once you sign up for Webull, you’ll want to spend a bit of time exploring the app to find the promotion center. You don’t have to apply to participate in the referral program, which is another great perk. On the default screen, you’ll see your positions or a watchlist if you don’t have any positions (see picture below). In the upper right corner, there will a profile icon. Tap the icon to get to the screen that will take you to the promotion center.

Webull Promotion Center

If you do not see “My Rewards” or the “Promotion Center” in your Webull app, this might be because you are new. Navigate to your messages via the envelope icon in the bottom right of your screen. This is where Webull will send you messages regarding referral promotions. Click the message once you get one (allow a day or two for this to happen after opening your account) and you will get to the Promotion Center and have access to your referral links.

Get Your Webull Referral Link

In the Promotion Center, you’ll see a button for “My Invites” at the top of the screen. This will show when people signed up, opened accounts, and have a settled first deposit. This allows you to track how close you are to some of the bigger referral bonuses.

That’s all you have to do to get started using Webull’s referral program! Create an account of your own, collect your initial free stocks for doing so, and then get that link out to your family, friends, or blog readers!


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