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Low Risk Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Want to get into crypto but don’t want to take on the risk that buying a volatile asset carries? There are ways to build your crypto stack without having to buy it directly. Here are the best ways to get your hands on free crypto!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases for some links in this blog at no additional cost to you.

Use the Lolli App

Lolli is a free shopping rewards app that pays you in Bitcoin instead of cash or points like other shopping apps. Simply download the app on your phone and complete your online shopping through the app and watch your Bitcoin rewards grow. Once you reach at least $15 worth of Bitcoin, it can be transferred out to a crypto wallet of your choosing. The percent back at some online retailers is pretty decent. Get 8% back at stores like Walgreens and Adidas. Are you fan of the Disney Store? Why not earn 4.5% back in Bitcoin using Lolli? The list of participating stores is long and includes stores like Michael’s, Expedia, Sephora, Chewy, Bass Pro Shops, Lowe’s, Old Navy, eBay, and tons more. This is the perfect way to get your online holiday shopping in and earn a little Bitcoin for your portfolio with ZERO RISK! Additionally, the Lolli app features a daily “Loot Box” where you can get a little bit of free Bitcoin every day just for opening it.

Free Bitcoin Daily

The Daily Loot Box usually yields between 100-200 sats which isn’t much, but you don’t even have to buy anything to get them so it’s a completely risk free way to collect Bitcoin.

Sign up here to earn an extra $5 bonus when you use Lolli for online shopping rewards.

Coinbase Earn to Get Free Crypto

Coinbase is listing new cryptocurrencies on its platform all the time. Occasionally, they offer ways to get $3-$9 of a new crypto by watching some short videos that explain the use of the particular crypto. These rewards do add up and you can instantly convert your rewards to any other crypto listed on the platform. This is another easy, risk free way to acquire cryptocurrency. Simply sign up for Coinbase and navigate to the Rewards section on the home screen. You’ll see a list of cryptos that have short 1-3 minute videos that each yield crypto rewards paid out immediately after you watch the video. Additionally, if you use my link to sign up, you’ll earn $10 in Bitcoin if you complete any transaction of $100 or more. The :learn and earn” videos on Coinbase have featured rewards for Compound (COMP), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Amp (AMP), The Graph (GRT), Clover Finance (CLV), and most recently, (FET) for a total of $32 worth of crypto rewards absolutely free.

Join Coinbase to earn FREE crypto by watching short videos and earn $10 in Bitcoin if you use this link to sign up. Exchange your rewards to any other crypto listed on the platform.

BlockFi’s Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card

This method of earning Bitcoin rewards isn’t risk free because you have to open a credit card account to do it. It provide you with a way to earn Bitcoin rewards on every purchase you make, and you can set up auto-pay of some of your monthly bills so you get Bitcoin back as well. Use this credit card to do your shopping through the Lolli App to double up on Bitcoin rewards! Read more about the details of BlockFi’s Bitcoin Rewards Card here. If you open a BlockFi Bitcoin rewards credit card, you’ll earn 3% back in Bitcoin on every purchase for the first 90 days and then 1.5% back after that. You do need a BlockFi account to get this credit card, and you can get a $40 Bitcoin bonus by signing up here. When you open a BlockFi account, your cryptocurrency will earn interest at the current rates. Your credit card rewards will be transferred to your BlockFi interest account once a month and will begin to accrue interest daily. Interest payments are made at the end of each month. Earning interest on your crypto holdings is just another great way to collect more Bitcoin or cryptocurrency in a low risk manner.

If you open a BlockFi account, this is where you can send your rewards from the Lolli App if you have one. Let the rewards add up and then move them into an interest earning crypto wallet for maximum benefit without the risk of purchasing volatile crypto directly.

Additionally, BlockFi’s interest account has a flex feature that allows you to choose what crypto your interest is paid in. You could purchase stablecoins such as USDC (which are pegged to the US dollar so they don’t have crazy price movements like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies) and set your interest to be paid in Bitcoin or Ethereum or any of the currencies offered on their platform.

The Celsius Wallet for Higher Rates and Better Promos

Celsius has higher interest rates in most categories compared to BlockFi and they offer some decent promotions if you’re just starting out. I keep a list of all the current promo codes offered by Celsius in this post here. Interest payments are made each Monday in Celsius. As of this writing, Celsius is offering 8.88% on stablecoin holdings, 6.2% on Bitcoin, 13.99% on SNX, and decents rates on plenty of other coins.

There are plenty of interest bearing crypto wallets available. You can do a little research and decide which one offers what you’re looking for in terms of rates and supported cryptos.

Happy earning!


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